Friday, June 13, 2014

Talking about our new summer sport...

What do we call this new sport where you challenge yourself on a series of obstacles and zip line features high in the trees? It combines strength, balance, determination, endurance, agility, climbing...there's the physical side as well as a mental side. There's strategy, there's overcoming fears. It's new, but it also combines many things we've done since childhood. You can do it alone. Or you can do it as part of a group. You can do it as fast as you want...or as slow. You can get competitive and time yourself versus a friend or just have your own "personal best" battle. You're intimately within nature, but at times floating far above it.

It's been generically called "aerial adventure", but a lot of that is just a zip line. It's been called "high trees obstacles courses" or "acrobranching" or "tree-crossing".

If you have your own ideas about what to call our new sport, let us know.

But, certainly, the best place to do this acrobranching, tree-crossing, high-trees obstacle course conquering is TimberQuest at Magic. It opens June 21st and here's what others are saying about our new summer sport here which gets 4.75 stars out of 5 on TripAdvisor:


"Wow what can I say, what an awesome experience. We were totally impressed and I am trying to bring more people up to my condo so I can go again what a wonderful workout and so much fun! I am praying that you will be able to expand this park. My friends and family had a great time. Thank You so much, sincerely Julia Edvardsen"

"What a cool place! Great course, challenging. Cannot wait to go back!" - J.G., Rutland, VT

"What a marvelous adventure to have fun and find out how much more I can do then what my limited perceptions allowed me to see beforehand! this tree crossing challenge course was so much more rewarding than just doing ziplines!" SharonandMike, VT

"Escape the crowds and spend the day doing something you will never forget! My 9 year old and his 8 year old cousin spent the day on the low course trying to beat each other's time to complete the course. The little zip line at the end kept them busy on their own for an hour. My 13 year old went up into the trees and disappeared. Didn't see him again for a few hours. My brother and husband were surprised by how challenging the course was and I overcame my fear of heights. We all felt a great sense of accomplishment and celebrated over lunch and beers at the base lodge. Can't wait to go back!!!"  Sara J Fairfield, CT

Monday, May 5, 2014

Do You Remember?

You all certainly made us smile amnd happy...

Hope you enjoy a little season-ending video from 2013-14.

See you back here before you know it!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Triple A-Rated Passes to the Road Less Traveled

Authentic, Affordable, Adventure...

Those are three pretty good reasons to get a Magic Mountain Ski Area Season Pass. Oh, and there are plenty of others, starting with all the other people who are currently season pass holders here.

They are one of the first things you notice about Magic even before you get on the lift. There's no pretense with these folks. They are here to ski, ride and have a good time. No attitude because it's all about the altitude.

But then the next thing you notice is the mountain itself. She's a challenge no doubt! But she has a softer side too, and the combination makes her about the most interesting thing to get to know in New England. Generations have skied here and they never lose interest. In fact, they keep discovering something new in the twists, turns and secrets that Magic keeps revealing to those with an adventurous spirit.

Probably the least important of the three "A's" is cost. But families raise their kids up here on this mountain and we know skiing can be very expensive sport. So, affordability is indeed an important part of who we are. As the industry focuses more and more on the luxury market, Magic will try to keep it as real as possible for those less interested in impressing others and more interested in sharing something special together.

So if Magic seems like a place that fits who you are inside, we'll try to show you a good time outside all season long with one of these:

As you already know, the earlier you buy, the more you can save. But whenever you do buy a pass at Magic, you'll know you are saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars compared to other resorts. And, your money goes straight into upkeep and preparation for the new season (certainly not any corporate overhead!). We like to say that the more beer you buy at the Black Line Tavern, the more snow we can make. It's supposed to be funny, but in reality, most everything which creates revenue goes straight back into the hill. It's a big reason why our community of skiers and riders is so critical.

So we thank you in advance for your season pass purchase. Because it really does keep our "Triple A" rating going strong here on the road less traveled.


(And, if you are a college student or someone in your 20s just starting out and can't afford a season-long pass, we have two new cards which are easy ways to save any time you come to Magic. No upfront cost, no long-term commitments, just the freedom, flexibility and savings to explore here and other ski areas of interest until you're ready to make your winter home somewhere. Check out our new free College Card and Twenties Card here now.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yeah, April Fools!

See you Thursday for the last Throwback of the Season!

$15 tickets, one last time...come throw it back.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Spring Pass!

With the official start of Spring Skiing and Riding here on March 20th, Magic still has at least 3 weeks left in the 2013-14 season with a tentative closing date of April 6th. So it's a great time to offer our new "Spring 3 Pass" that lets skiers and riders can enjoy as many days as we have left for one low price of $89!.

The Spring 3 Pass will also offer discounts to early purchasers so if you grab it soon enough (like today), you might be able to get the pass for $79 or $84. The pass is pretty simple as it's only available online and you simply use the receipt to hit up the ticket booth every time you come for your complimentary tickets. Easy. and the cost is already less than many major resorts charge for one day.

There is still plenty of snow around with over 40 trails and glades open, so we recommend keeping the fishing rod, golf club, softball bat or tennis racquet in the closet for at least 3 more weeks!

The Magic Spring 3 Pass is available at the Magic Store right now...

Just another way we're trying to give you more options to keep skiing and riding more affordable for every one.

 Magic Store

Monday, March 17, 2014

Skiing and Riding our way into Spring!

Vulcan didn't deliver a pure powder day for Magic last Thursday but it did deliver an unbelievable gain in our base for skiing and riding into April.

Saturday March 15th was undoubtedly one of the best non-powder days of the year with soft snow everywhere, including hundreds of acres of Magic's legendary glades.

Spring officially arrives this week but the snow isn't going anywhere and there seem to be opportunities in the forecast to pick up more snow for next weekend. So come out and play--we have some special spring savings on tickets at the Magic Store right here. But hurry, they get scooped up quickly.

There's more terrain open now at Magic than back in January, so keep the clubs stored away as we will be open into April. Experience all the classic trails, natural tree-skiing and chill vibe which set Magic apart in southern Vermont. We're still "thinking snow" on the road less traveled...

(Reminder: Early Bird pricing for next year's season passes will start on April 1- May 1).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ski Long and Prosper

Winter storm Vulcan is aptly named. Coming in mid-March with over a foot of new snow, not only will Magic have an unbelievable few days of powder and treeskiing, this Spock-like snow bomb will indeed provide a longer ski season so we all prosper by being on the mountain into April--with real snow under skis and boards.

Nothing better than that.

So let's boldly go where no man...okay, that's enough Star Trek. Let's just get after it!